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Monday, September 19, 2016

September 19

I don't think I have ever enjoyed eating food gifts from Swiss Colony as much as I enjoyed looking at the catalog and imagining eating food gifts from Swiss Colony when I was a kid. Petit fours looked like the most amazing things in the world.

(Years after my poring over catalog days, when I was a retail manager, I worked with a cashier who was a self proclaimed Southern Bell.  Peddehfur is my best spelling approximation of what she insisted was the real pronunciation, but they're still little 4s in my head. Delicious little 4s. I don't think I've ever had one. Still.)


My real art and craft, teaching, got to meet some real arts and crafts recently, as I got slightly obsessed with mixing glitter, glue, and water in Voss water bottles to make 'glitter calm down jars.' Not that we need calming in my classroom. Mostly we need more shiny things to play with and bond over. This became obvious this Monday morning when three of my girls came in with their own glitter calm down jars. I'd written the directions for making them down on a few post-its at the end of the day on Friday. Seriously, everyone needs one of these things.

(I basically need a full set of 21 so that the conversation about who can have the calm down jar at their table becomes a non-issue.)


Never satisfied, now I also think I need some rain sticks and ukuleles. You know, for the perfect Brain smart, unstructured-play-nurturing safe space.


I have to buy a new car, and that is terrifying.

Something I wrote on August 17 and didn't publish. It's a month later, and I wonder why, in the middle of this, I thought, "I know! Blogging!"

I am having an anxiety attack right now.

I've only been able to recognize them for a little while, so this is a novel and remarkable experience. I feel horrible! I am very frightened! But I am also probably safe! I wish I could feel different!